More than 20 years of Experience

In today’s globalization, the supply chain of raw materials has become increasingly demanding in terms of quality and competitive prices.
Our products come exclusively from recognized and certified producers. PUSHTI BANGLA POULTRY & FISH FEED LTD is your global provider for Animal feed with over a decade providing quality raw materials for the aqua , poultry industries worldwide. We strive to provide quality consistency, convenient prices and a flawless logistics.
We work directly with manufacturing plants worldwide, in which we hold contracts of the commodities produced by the manufacturer, handling the complete logistics’ process from its origin into the destination country. We work with the main shipping lines that provide the shortest transit times, making sure we deliver as per schedule.
PUSHTI BANGLA POULTRY & FISH FEED LTD works closely with both the end-user and distributors of our products worldwide.
If you are interested in purchasing or selling processed animal proteins, poultry meal, fish meal & fish oil ingredients for feed production or have any questions regarding our offerings, do not hesitate to contact us.


Our mission is to take care of the supply side of customers’ value chain so that they can fully concentrate on their core business. The complexity of International business today requires extensive know-how and talented people, which can be time-consuming and expensive to obtain. Our multicultural team of experts in international trade deals efficiently with ever-increasing number of legal procedures and sanitary requirements that international supply of goods entails. We are dedicated to providing expertise and ensure full service satisfaction among our clients and business partners.