Fish Meal

Fish meal is used in animal feeds because it is high in protein concentration, and it is also a good source of calcium, phosphorus, and other minerals. Fish meal is particularly popular in aquaculture feeds because of its high protein content and excellent amino acid balance for aquatic animals. Of world fish meal production, about 90% is produced from oily species of fish, such as sardine, anchovy, capelin, and menhaden, and less than 10% from white fish offal (frames), such as cod and haddock. Of the annual world catch of fish, about one-third is used as raw material for fish meal production. The fish meal and oil fishery is part of global capture fisheries, and global aquaculture production is added to capture fisheries production to obtain total global fisheries production.

Production Process:

We have direct tunnel from the vessel to factory equipment to unload those fishes from the each vessel  and at first it goes to wash by very clean water, which is out of salt water. We clean those fishes three times to protect from different bacteria and poisonous particles.
Each day our factory production capacity is 200 Metric Ton raw fish (By grading better quality) for export market to USA, Europe, Taiwan and South Asian countries. 120MT Small sizes fish is going for can fish production. During produce the canned fish we separate Head and Tail particle. Those particles are going for fish meal and Fish oil plant also Mackerel and lot of damage Sardine Fish are going for Fish
meal plant.
To protect the bio security Human consumption Fish plant and Feed grade Fish plant distance is 3000 Feet.

Fish Meal Production Process:

From 100KG Raw fish particle we can produce only 23KG to 27KG Fish meal and only 2KG to 3KG Fish oil which is with in the range of 1% FFA.

From head particle of Sardine and whole Mackerel we can produce 65% Protein Fish meal and from Tail particle we can produce only 55% to 60% Protein Fish meal.

At first all type of fish particle goes to press and extract Sticky water. Those pressed products are operating by the high quality equipment for produce fish meal by steam dryer. Each day our capacity is 200MT different quality Fish meal and we stored it by Jumbo bag with add appropriate antioxidant.
Different grade Fish Meal we do separate each hour basis batch by the observation of our very high experienced scientist and also by the help of very modern laboratory.

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